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Subject [NEA SDGs Forum] The 2021 NEA CSO Session will take place on Oct 22(Fri)
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Responding to the 2021 North-East Asia Multi-stakeholder Forum on SDGs on Oct 28-29, the CSO session is organized to provide a space for NEA CSOs to share their stories and voices about the agenda of the 2022 HLPF before the NEA SDGs Forum and prepare its collective voice submitting to the UN at the sub-regional and regional level.
The aim of the CSO session is:

  1. Making an NEA CSO position paper for the 2020 NEA Forum taking place from October 28~29, 2021 virtually, and the 2022 APFSD and APPFSD being organized in 2022 March;
  2. Sharing civil society’s issues and field experiences in the thematic areas of stakeholder engagement governance, education, gender equality, and biodiversity preservation under the ocean and on land; and
  3. Discussing how to cooperate with NEA CSOs including other stakeholders who sharing public value.
For registration, please click on "the Registration", or this URL -
If you have any questions, please contact the following person at any time:
Ms. Denise K.H. Yoon
Focal Point of the North-East Asia sub-regional Constituency of the APRCEM
Secretary-General of the Korea SDGs Network